What is true friendship? We often say it’s a bond which connect us with our friends, family and even our furry companions – dogs. Physical activity is the key element of health and good shape for both people and our beloved pets. Too little exercise can lead to obesity, health problems and the general unhappiness of dogs. That’s why it’s a good idea to think how we can increase the level of physical activity of our pet. Below you will find 10 ways to help you take care of the health and happiness of your pet.

  1. Everyday walks:

Regular walks are the main element of your dog’s physical activity. Everyday walks will not only ensure your dog has some exercise, but also will let it learn new smells and discover its surroundings. Make sure your pet’s walk is long and intense enough for its needs and energy levels.

  1. Running or jogging:

If you are physically active, consider running or jogging together with your dog. It is a perfect way to spend time together and stay fit for you and your pet. Make sure that your dog is properly prepared to the run, especially if it is younger or older.


  1. Playing with a ball:

Spending time with your dog and playing with a ball is not just a physical activity, but also a way to strengthen bonding and bring joy to you and your four-legged friend. Many dogs love fetching ball. Throw the ball and let your dog run after it. It is a great fun and a perfect exercise routine for both large and small breeds. Playing ball is one of the most popular and efficient forms of activity for dogs. Your dog runs, jumps and catches the ball while playing, which makes it burn the excess of energy. It is especially important for large and energetic breeds that need intense exercise to stay in good shape.

Playing with ball is not only a physical exercise, but also a mental training for your dog. Your four-legged pal needs to focus on the ball, follow its movements and make decisions regarding capturing it. This helps it develop concentration and coordination. Additionally, playing with a ball can provide an intellectual entertainment in the form of solving problems, like reaching the ball that got stuck under the furniture or behind a chair.

  1. Playing hide and seek:

Playing hide and seek not only makes your dog move, but also stimulates its brain. Hide and let your dog look for you through the house or garden. It is an excellent form of mental and physical activity. Playing hide and seek is a great fun, which not only is entertaining, but also strengthens the bond between the dog and the owner, stimulates the brain of the dog, encourages it to move and helps learn commends. It is also a great way to actively spend time outdoors. Do not hesitate, try it with your dog and enjoy the moments of joy and closeness it brings.

  1. Swimming:

If you have access to a lake, a river or a pool, consider swimming with your dog. It is a great form of exercise which does not strain joints, especially for older dogs or those with health problems. Swimming with a dog is not only a great exercise routine, but also a perfect way to create a bond between the animal and its owner. This joyful and healthy type of fun brings many benefits to both dogs and humans. It is therefore worth to use warm summer days and an access to a pool, lake or sea to enjoy a great experience of swimming together with your dog. Not only is it beneficial for health, but also very satisfying for both of you! Remember about safety and adjust activities to skills and needs of your dog.

  1. Agility:

Agility is a sport discipline that involves the dog and the owner working together and following a specially designed obstacle course. The course can consist of various kinds of obstacles, such as tunnel, hurdles, weave poles, see-saws and many more. The aim is to cover the course as fast as possible and without mistakes. Both speed and precision are important in agility. You can attend agility classes or make your own obstacle course in your garden. It is an excellent form of fun and training. And Mr. Bandit’s training snacks will do the best job to encourage your dog. Agility is also a great opportunity to use dog’s natural abilities, such as speed and deftness. If you are looking for a way to make your dog active, healthy and happy, you should consider beginning the training. It is a guaranteed method to provide your companion with both emotional and physical stimulation. One of many advantages of agility is that it is available for all dogs, regardless the breed or size. Of course, different breeds will have different predispositions for this sport. For example, shepherd dogs are known from their excellent agility and speed, while small dogs, like Chihuahua, may be equally talented, but their obstacle course must be smaller.

  1. Biking:

If you are passionate about your bicycle, you can use it for an exercise routine for your dog. There are handles and leashes dedicated for biking with dogs, allowing you to explore new routes.

  1. Scent training:

If your want to begin scent work with your dog, you can consider buying special toys to hide treats, start a scent therapy course or simply hide little treats at home and let your dog find them. Not only will it be fun and challenging for your dog, but it will also let it make use of its natural sniffing skills. Mr. Bandit’s SPORT line will be an excellent choice, as the small size and a variety of tastes encourage your pet to train together.

  1. Visiting a playground for dogs:

The are special playgrounds for dogs in many cities, where your canine friend can play and interact with other dogs. It is a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors and make new friendships.

  1. Mental activity:

Besides the physical activity, take care of your dog’s mental condition as well. Sniffing toys or learning new commands are excellent methods of intellectual stimulation.

Increasing your dog’s physical activity load is an investment in its health and happiness. It is important to adjust the activity to your dog’s age, breed and fitness level, and to remember about regular veterinary visits. An active dog is more healthy and happier, so look for a way that works for both you and your dog, and play together outdoors.

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