Each Parma Ham Bone we have on offer is not only a treat, but also a real feast for your dog’s senses. The special dehydration process we used makes their taste especially intense, but also be very safe. They contain no preservatives or artificial aromas.

What makes our Parma Ham Bones so unique? It’s not only a matter of taste, but also the ingredient quality. Each bone is pure aged ham, which means your dog receives only what’s best. Owners value the Mr. Bandit Parma Ham Leg treat for its natural quality and simple formula – only what’s best, without any unnecessary additives.

Give your dog what’s best. Choose Parma Ham Bones from Mr. Bandit – the taste to bring about the joy in the eyes of your dog and its wagging tail. Because your dog deserves to be spoiled with the best taste, doesn’t it?

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