Products in the “Limited Edition Hemp Cookies” category are the veritable feast for dogs, combining natural ingredients with exceptional taste. Our treats contain a valuable addition of hemp, which gives them unique character. They are available in various flavors, such as fish, game, turkey, duck or beef to please even the most refined dog palates.

The product comes in three sizes: 80 g, 180 g and 450 g, which lets you choose the right portion to match your pet’s needs. Hemp Cookies are high quality snacks, made from natural ingredients, with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Hemp is rich in valuable ingredients which improve your dog’s general well-being.

Give your dog the pleasure of tasting something special and take care of its health at the same time. Select “Limited Edition Hemp Cookies” for your pet and let it enjoy not only the delicious taste but a variety of health benefits as well!

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