Bandits Gang

Big Boss – he’s not your typical lap dog – he keeps all the dough under his paw and he makes all the calls. Every street urchin in the town knows that when the Big B. barks, it gets real!

In his free time he’s the street fashion aficionado and high-end shade collector.



Lil’ Kitty – meet the headmistress of the cat gang! Immediately recognizable by her seductive gaze and her purrrfect style. Don’t be fooled though! There is a true criminal mastermind hidden under the guise of a lovely cat lady. Every street urchin knows that it’s not worth provoking the head of a cat gang to show her claws!

After hours, she loves to pull the stuffing out of cushions and… she knits while watching detective stories.

Smarty the Wise Guy, small and nimble – he can squeeze in any hole, crack any safe and pick any lock. No one in the whole town can come up with a plan better than Smarty’s. In private, he’s a fan of fast cars and hemp treats.

Miss Clever – she moves so quickly and silently that you can only catch a glimpse of her red t-shirt. She comes up with plans, she always finds the best loot and she vanishes from the sweet crime scene without a trace.

Privately she is a motorbike fan and she enjoys fishing on Saturdays.

Fatso Pershing – no job is above him. After a successful heist he is the one to carry all the loot bags. Even though he is not the sharpest tool in a box, his head is full of jokes and snappy comebacks!

Bonnie – always smiling and with a positive attitude! Apart of the gold chain, you can find the traces of a doughnut glaze on her scarf. In the gang she is a quartermaster – she recruits new gang members and she makes sure the atmosphere is felinetastic!

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