Undoubtedly, kittens are one of the cutest creatures in the world. Their small noses, curled tails and innocent eyes enchant us at first sight. Kittens need an appropriate diet to grow healthy and be strong. But from time to time each cat deserves to be spoiled with some treats. With healthy kitten snacks you can not only reward your kitten for good behavior, but also support its healthy growth. At the beginning of you kitten adventure you should remember that healthy diet is the key to proper growth. Treats can be useful in raising kittens, but choose them wisely to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

When selecting kitten treats, pay attention to the following:

  1. Choose healthy treats

Not all treats available in the market are the same. When buying snacks for your kitten, pay attention to the ingredients. Try to choose products made of natural ingredients. Avoid treats with artificial colorants, conservatives and too much sugar. Usually the best choice are meat treats, as they are a source of protein which the kittens need to grow.

  1. Consider kitten treats

Certain treats are produced specially for young cats. As such, they are more digestible and adjusted to kittens’ needs. Kittens have sensitive stomachs, so they may have difficulties with tolerating snacks for adult cats.

  1. Beware of calories

Kittens grow fast, but they should not put on weight too rapidly. Too many calories in a kitten’s diet can make it overweight which is harmful to its health. Therefore, control the amount of snacks and always read the labels to know how many calories a given treat has.

  1. Focus on diversity

Similarly as humans, kittens value diversity in their diet. Try out treats with different flavors and textures to learn what you kitten likes the most. Diversity can also help to keep your kitten interested in food.

  1. Stay alert to allergies and intolerance

Similarly as humans, cats can suffer from food allergies and intolerance. If you notice that your kitten is having an allergic reaction after eating certain treats, immediately stop giving them and consult a vet.

  1. Treats and training

Treats can be an effective tool for kitten training. They can help them learn instructions and positively reinforce the desired behaviors. Remember to control the amount of snacks during training.


Types of kitten treats:

Meat-based treats

Meat snacks are usually the best choice, as meat constitutes the basis of kittens’ diet. You can choose dry meat food or pieces of boiled chicken, turkey or beef. Avoid treats with artificial colorants and conservatives. Meat treats provide kittens with protein which is necessary for correct growth and development of muscles.

Tuna treats

Tuna is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which support healthy skin and fur in kittens. Make sure to choose tuna in spring water and not in oil in order to avoid excessive fat in your cat’s diet.

Salmon-based treats

Salmon is another great source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones and teeth in kittens. Salmon treats can be a tasty and healthy snack.

Treats with catnip

Catnip is a plant which stimulates the sense of smell in kittens. Treats with catnip can be a great fun and provide stimulation. Use it with moderation, as not all cats react to it in the same way.

Egg-based treats

Eggs are rich in protein and many other nutrients, such as B12 vitamin. Egg-based treats, such as pieces of boiled eggs, can be a tasty snack for kittens.

Treats with natural yogurt

Natural yogurt contains probiotics which can help kittens maintain a healthy intestinal microflora balance. You can give small amounts of natural yogurt as a snack to your cat, but make sure that it has no lactose intolerance.

Fruit-based treats

Some fruits, such as banana pieces or berries, can be a safe and tasty snack for kittens. Avoid citrus fruit and onions, because they are toxic for cats.


So what should you choose?

Juicy Rolls – Mr. Bandit Juicy Rolls are moist croquettes with a delicious filling. Soft and aromatic morsels constitute a perfect motivation to sport for cat urchins. Flavors: with salmon, with egg yolk, with beef, with tuna.

Creamy Mousse – Mr. Bandit Creamy Mousse is a delicate sauce which all kittens are crazy about. Thanks to creamy texture and meat flavor no cat will resist it. Flavors: chicken, tuna, salmon, chicken and shrimps.

Crunchy Pockets – Mr. Bandit Crunchy Pockets are crispy meat cushions for all kittens. These crunchy taurine-enriched cookies encourage to play and explore the world! Flavors: with salmon, with tuna, with tuna and shrimps, with tuna and chicken.

Pure Fillets – Mr. Bandit Pure Fillets are juicy meat morsels for the most refined gourmands. 100% chicken breast meat is an exquisite snack for our best feline friends!

Treats can constitute a perfect addition to kittens’ diet and a useful tool to support their raising. However, it is important to choose them wisely and treat as a supplement to a complete and balanced diet. Take care of your kitten’s health and well-being, avoid giving to much treats and consult your vet if you have any doubts about your cat’s diet. A balanced diet and appropriate treats will help your kitten grow healthy and happily.

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