Mr. Bandit CHICKEN with BEEF

Wet food for dog rascals. A full-portion formula based on two protein sources – chicken and beef, supplemented with healthy additives: pumpkin (natural antioxidant), carrots (rich in fiber), and cranberries (for a healthy urinary tract). Good karma for naughty pups.

  • 180 g

  • 380 g



chicken 43% (including muscle meat 32%, heart 4%, fat 3%, skin 4%), beef broth 27%, beef 20%, potato starch 4%, pumpkin 2%, carrot 2%, rice 1,7%, dried cranberry 0,3%.


Nutritional additives: vitamins: vitamin D3 (3a671) : 125 IU/kg. Trace elements: zinc (3b610) 17 mg/kg, manganese (3b510) 5 mg/kg, iodine (c3b202) 0.15 mg/kg, copper (3b414) 4 mg/kg, iron (3b108) 15 mg/kg.
Technological additives: sodium nitrite (1aE250) 0.15 mg/kg.


Analytical constituents:

crude protein: 8.5%
crude fat: 3%
crude ash: 3%
crude fibre: 1.5%
moisture: 82%
calcium: 0.2%
phosphorus: 0.15%
FOS: 3 g/kg


The feeding guide shows the initial daily portions that cover the daily nutrient requirements of adult dogs. The daily portions shown in the feeding guide are indicative and may vary depending on the breed, environment, physical activity and condition of the animal. The daily portion can be divided into two meals or more. The meal should be served at room temperature. The dog must have constant access to fresh, clean water.



Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at temperature 15-25°C. Once opened, store the can in a refrigerator and feed within 12 hours.

Best before/ batch reference number/ manufacturer’s approval number: printed on the back of the package.


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